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Selenium Medical

Surface treatment and packaging solutions


Let’s reinvent what could be

We’re big believers in adopting new ideas to optimise existing solutions, so we can stand out from the pack, turn our environment to full account and open up new development prospects for all.

A capacity to innovate is the cornerstone of Selenium Medical’s business. Always daring to go further, whether single-handedly or in partnership with our customers, while thinking outside the box thanks to our specialisation and expertise in the medical industry.

We can offer you our know-how, specific skills and expertise in technical consultancy to lend you support for your projects concerning the packaging and surface treatment of your medical devices.

The fact that we are 100% dedicated to medical devices is one of the keys to our professionalism geared towards optimum customer satisfaction. Most of our personnel have backgrounds in the medical industry which means we can now boast very many years of expertise in this field.

Selenium Medical lends you support and makes:
sterile packaging more innovative, more practical and just plain easier.
control of your implant surfaces more secure and reproducible

Together, we can go further.

2009: 1 person
Creation of the company and NF EN ISO 13485 & 9001 certification
Integration of the first anodisation and microbead blasting production line

2010: 5 employees
Integration of the clean room and laminar flow
Development of different machines including the Colorbox
Filing of SoTube patent

2011: 10 employees
Integration of electropolishing and laser marking line
Filing of the SoSafe patent
FDA inspection

2012: 20 employees
Renewal of ISO 13485 & 9001 certification
Mircobiological laboratory comes into service
Integration of titanium shine anodizing (type III)

2013: 26 employees
Integration of blister pack machines
New SoTube sizes available

2014: 27 employees
Integration of type II anodizing (dark grey)
Integration of a rapid prototyping thermoforming machine

2015: 44 employees
Setting up of the ERP software
Integration of structural etching
Renewal of ISO 13485 & 9001 certification (LNE GMED)
Integration of the second clean room

  • SOTUBE 1
  • Salle blanche tubes Emilie (7)
  • Polissage Electrolytrique (12)
  • Anodisation grappe (2)
  • Salle blanche mireuse Emilie (3)