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Research & Development

R&D Packaging, R&D Chemistry


Two divisions to better serve you

Develop your packaging projects in total confidence. Thanks to close cooperation between our teams and yours, our R&D Packaging Division  is able to design innovative and personalisable solutions. Their original, groundbreaking nature will help showcase your products and your company.

Our teams are on stand-by to give concrete form to your concepts and develop innovative, state-of-the-art products with strong commercial appeal.

Thanks to our R&D Chemistry Division, we develop our own equipment dedicated to the various surface treatment processes. Depending on the requirements of each process, a compatible machine is designed and manufactured. Feel free to contact us to discuss the development of your own equipment.


Two divisions for optimum innnovation.

Innovation is our life blood. Constantly on the look out for the latest technological developments, our teams study the solutions of tomorrow to offer you reinvented services.

Over 30% of our personnel conduct research, perform tests and produce prototypes for new packaging ranges and new surface treatment processes. We’re on hand to support you in your daily activities and optimise anticipation of your projects, market trends and the functional demands of your medical devices.

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