Selenium Packaging (sP)


Simple and economic packaging

We also offer sterile packaging in pouches. Peelable or breakable, for autoclave, gamma or ETO, vacuum or otherwise, we can respond to each of your requirements thanks to an extensive range of pouches.

Available in different materials (Tyvek, OPAPE, etc.) we use pouches tailored to your needs which are compatible and adapted to sterilisation by irradiation, steam and ethylene oxide.

Validated according to NF EN ISO 11607 and NF EN 868 standards in force for the packaging of sterile medical devices, the pouches we use are the subject of various tests including impact resistance, sealing and compatibility compliance. Calling on carefully studied validation processes, our partners which manufacture these pouches guarantee the maintenance of sterility for 5 years and ensure full access to material files.

Packaging in pouches is offered with cleaning and assembly ensured in our clean room. This is followed by finishing, end packaging and sending for sterilisation according to your recommendations.

One of Selenium Medical’s priorities is to help customers choose the most suitable solution and provide products of supreme reliability.


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