Selenium Packaging (sP)


Hosting your medical devices

As an alternative to conventional blister packs or pouches, this twin sterile packaging designed to protect medical devices comes in the form of a dual tube.

A versatile and innovative solution, SoTube is the only sterile packaging in tubes on the market and, thanks to its NoTouch configuration, enables the implant to be presented without physical contact. SoTube is a patented and CE-marked product complying with the NF EN ISO 11607 and NF EN 868 standards for sterile medical device packaging .

This innovative and 100% NoTouch packaging ensures the sterility of your medical devices for 5 years. Uniquely comprised of biocompatible materials, it is phthalate and latex free.  SoTube comes in an extensive range, from M to XXL, to host your implants whatever the size.

Especially designed for the operating theatre, its ergonomics make it extremely easy to identify, store and use. The colour references on the stopper enable faster and more reliable recognition of implants. Totally transparent and less cumbersome than traditional packaging, it gives the implant unmatched visibility.

With different configurations possible and a fully personalisable sleeve, SoTube has emerged as the most innovative packaging solution in the field. This new smarter and more practical packaging offers a unique opportunity to present your products and stand out from the pack. In combination with our new SoSTORE FiFo dispenser, you ensure perfect inventory management to your customer location.

Create your own success story with this unique packaging for your implants (Finalist technology at USA MEDTECHWORLD Medical DESIGN EXCELLENCE Award 2014 – New-york June 2014)

Available with the packaging service in clean room class ISO 7 & ISO 5  or in separate components for your use. Feel free to contact us for more details.

  • Excellence award SOTUBE 2014 finalist 300 x500
  • SOTUBE 1
  • TUBE-2
  • Couverture
  • TUBE-3
  • TUBE-4
  • Salle blanche tubes
  • Tubes clayette (4)
  • Tubes sleeve Selenium
  • Ensemble bouchons SoTube
  • Ensemble bouchons SoSafe
  • Presentoire tubes M L (4)
  • Presentoir tubes XL XXL