Selenium Surface treatment (S2T)


Shinier and more resistant stainless steels


We offer electropolishing of a wide range of stainless steel shades by means of a process developed and validated by our expert team as per the IQ OQ PQ PPQ principle in accordance with the requirements of ISO 13485 and 21 CFR820s, guaranteeing a product compatible with standard ISO 10993.

The aim of our electrochemical process is to use electrolysis to dissolve the metal ions on the surface of your medical devices so giving them a clear and shiny appearance while cleaning superficial impurities, resulting in enhanced biocompatibility.

In addition to making cleaning and sterilising easier, electropolishing improves the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of the device while levelling out the crack initiation sites and deburring the surface microroughness.

Validated in a broad range of stainless steel products used in the medical sector, our process enables treatment of austenitic, martensitic and austeno-ferritic steels as per the parameters specific to each stainless steel shade to enable control of the quantity of material removed (from 4 to 40 µm) in accordance with your specifications.

Although electropolishing is commonly used to make medical devices shinier, thanks to our full control of the process, we can also offer you a matt surface on certain materials.

In addition to treatment of stainess steels used in the medical sector, our teams are working to develop a process dedicated to electrolytic polishing of titanium and some of its alloys.

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