Smart holder 100% No Touch

SoEasy® has been developed in order to improve screw protection in a cost-efficient packaging. The holder’s shape prevents pin holes in the sterile barrier system and offers NoTouch features. SoEasy® allows an intuitive use, suitable for right & left handed persons.  SoEasy® is able to hold several types of implants (dental, trauma, extremities…).

2 sizes (M & L+) are available to cover a Ø range from Ø1.6 to Ø8.5mm and for a length between 10mm and 110mm.

Grab it, slide down, hold safe

  • Protective: Prevent pin holes of the single or double pouches
  • NoTouch feature: Surgeons / Scrubs nurses can remove directly the implant from the holder without touching it, to reduce contamination
  • Adjustable: SoEasy® is able to receive several types of implants (Trauma, Extremities…)
  • 360° vision: Thanks to the raw material used, SoEasy® is a 100% crystal clear holder
  • Instrument: The implant can be put upside down; SoEasy® can then be used to place the implant
  • Smart: Intuitive implant releasing with one hand. Suitable for right/left handed use
  • Customizable: Can be packaged in pouches and SoBliss®

SoEasy® user guide