Our intuitive innovation for infection prevention.

Surface treatment, packaging solution and plastic injection in clean room

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control reports that 1 out of 18 patients has a nosocomial infection. In Europe, 37,000 patients die each year as a result of care-related infections (in the USA, this figure reaches 80,000 deaths per year). implementing procedures with single use instrumentation, sterile implants and no-touch approaches can reduce the number of nosocomial infections by 2/3. Our goal is to fight nosocomial infections for patient well-being. To achieve this, we develop intuitive & revolutionary products and processes, in injection, sterile packaging and surface treatment.

The capacity to innovate is the cornerstone of Selenium Medical’s business. Always daring to go further, whether alone or in partnership with our customers, while thinking outside the box thanks to our specialization and expertise in the medical industry.

We can offer you our know-how, specific skills and expertise in technical consultancy to support your projects in plastic injection, packaging and surface treatment for your medical devices.

The fact that we are 100% dedicated to medical devices is one of the keys to our professionalism geared towards optimum customer satisfaction. Most of our collaborators have backgrounds in the medical industry which means we can now boast very many years of expertise in this field.

Selenium Medical support and makes:
sterile packaging more innovative, more practical and just plain easier.
control of your implant surfaces more secure and reproducible