Macro, micro and nano structural etching

StarSurf® is a structural etching chemical process applied in order to optimize porosity and enhance wettability for titanium alloys implants.

Etching is a key surface finishing step that creates implant surface roughness, increases wettability and improves osseo-integration properties. Besides of micro and nano roughnesses, implants surface contains macro porosities.

This treatment is applied on TA6V ELI medical grade titanium alloys implants which provide better mechanical properties compared to basic titanium alloys. This application could not only be assigned to dental sector but also suited to client specifications (spine, maxillofacial, etc.)

Its benefits :

  • Osseo-integration improvement on treated implants, by roughness surface enlargement
  • Wettability improvement on the surface, fostering bone cells proliferation
  • Reduction of the patient healing time
  • Preservation and improvement of implants mechanical properties with the formation of a titanium hybride surface coated with an oxide surface

Complete elimination of residual blasting media