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Selenium Packaging

Selenium Surface Treatment

intuitive innovation for infection prevention 

Safety and well-being are our main and only concerns. Our goal is to prevent nosocomial infections for patient enhanced protection by offering practitioners secure and user friendly solutions to help them provide the best of care. We share our medical device skills and experiences, in collaboration with our customers.

Selenium Packaging

SoEasy® M

SoEasy® M is an economic and smart Holder designed to protect the implant. 100% No Touch, it can be package in Pouch or SoBliss® M.

SoBliss® L

SoBliss® is a revolutionary Blister packaging designed, envisioned and created in order to solve the traditional blister weaknesses.

SoBliss ® M

In Perfect harmony with SoEasy® M Holder, SoBliss® size M is tailor for screw packaging in sterile and safe double barrier.

SoBliss ® S

Designed for small and delicate implant, SoBliss® size S guaranty a reducing storage space.

Selenium Surface Treatment


StarSurf® is a structural dual etching chemical process applied in order to optimize porosity and enhance wettability for titanium alloys implants.