Our processes

Structural etching, Anodizing, passivation, electro polishing, Laser

Our expertise in chemical and electrochemical treatments for medical devices in titanium alloys and stainless steel is placed at your disposal by means of an end-to-end service covering all stages relating to product surface quality.

All of our processes are developed and validated by our expert team as per IQ, OQ and PQ processes. Our qualifications include PPQs, demonstrating the full control and preservation of your medical devices’ biocompatibility during our chemical treatments.

We perform and control specific anodic oxidation and passivation treatments on two principal titanium alloys (T40 and TA6V ELI) and can also treat a broad range of stainless steels using processes developed for the protection of medical devices and their improved performance. Our electrolytic polishing and passivation processes enable us to treat austenitic and martensitic stainless steels as well as austenitic-feritic stainless steels including 17/4ph.

At Selenium Medical, our personnel and our processes are 100% dedicated to medical devices. We are certified ISO13485, ISO 9001, and are FDA compliant. We take our role as your preferred partner for the manufacture of medical devices extremely seriously.