Published 02/07/2024

15 years of evolution in the medical devices sector

This year is a special moment for Selenium Medical: we’re celebrating our 15th anniversary! Since our foundation in 2009, we have evolved and grown significantly in the medical devices sector.

Continuous growth

Since our inception, Selenium Medical has enjoyed remarkable growth. With a clear vision of becoming a key player in the medical device field. Always with the aim of helping to improve patient well-being and medical practices. Today, we operate in four main business areas, across several market segments, and have 100 dedicated collaborators. Our services are used by 231 customers in 11 different countries.

Innovation at the heart of our development

Innovation is a driving force at Selenium Medical. Guided by the goal of preventing infections through intuitive solutions for patient well-being. Our path has been marked by constant progress. With 10 patents to our name, we have constantly pushed back the boundaries to offer cutting-edge solutions. Our achievements include innovative packaging such as SoBliss®, SoKlean® and SoEasy®. Tailor-made to enhance the visibility of your brands and products, while protecting the sterility, functionality and availability of your medical devices. Our StarSurf® nanoetching process, which improves the wettability of titanium implants, also represents a significant advance. Our commitment to quality and innovation has been recognized by 6 international awards.

Diversified expertise

Over the years, we have enriched and diversified our expertise. The strength of our teams lies in their transversal knowledge of medical devices. These cover surface treatment, plastic injection and packaging. With the ultimate aim of guaranteeing patients’ well-being. Today, our services are organized around four main activities: cleanroom plastic injection, surface treatment, cleaning and assembly, and sterile and non-sterile packaging. Finally, thanks to the expertise of our teams, developed from our own products and processes, we cover all stages of medical device development. We offer customized support, including R&D, consulting, qualification and validation of special processes and associated tests. Furthermore, through the development of these 4 activities, we have broadened our scope to meet the needs of different sectors such as orthopedics, dentistry, soft tissue, robotics and in vitro diagnostics.

A human adventure

However, beyond numbers and technology, Selenium Medical’s evolution is above all a human adventure. Our successes are the fruit of the hard work of our teams, the confidence of our customers and the support of our partners. We would like to thank all those who have contributed to this wonderful adventure.

We look back on 15 years of challenges, major innovations and sustained growth. As we celebrate this anniversary, we look resolutely to the future, ready to continue evolving, contributing and innovating to meet tomorrow’s needs.

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