Published 14/06/2024

Blood donation: Selenium Medical is committed

On May 17, Selenium Medical teams renewed their commitment to blood donation.

World Blood Donation Day

June 14 marks World Blood Donor Day. A special occasion to remind everyone of the importance of giving blood, and to thank those who do. At Selenium Medical, we’re proud to support this essential cause. Our commitment to the health and well-being of all people guides every action we take.

Giving blood is an act of generosity that saves millions of lives around the world every year. By donating blood, we help patients with serious illnesses, accident victims and people with blood disorders. In just one hour, you can save three lives!

An ongoing commitment

Last year, several Selenium Medical employees volunteered to donate blood. This year, on May 17, a new blood drive was organized within the Ridoret Group. More than a dozen Selenium Medical employees took part and renewed their commitment. A simple gesture with a huge impact. We thank them for their commitment and solidarity!

Participate in blood donation

If you would like to donate blood, you can go to your nearest blood collection center. You can also take part in donation campaigns organized by blood transfusion establishments in your country. Information about this kind of centers is generally available on the official websites of health organizations.

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